At our box, we hold our athletes to high standards. Our coaches demonstrate all movement standards and we expect our athletes to meet them. Having stated this, we are a “form before load” gym and take measures to ensure that our members are able to safely and properly execute moves and lifts before we will allow them to increase load. Safety is our number one priority and we want to set you up for health and longevity in the long run. We feel that it is never worth the risk of injury for an athlete to “RX at all costs.”


E3 is all about family. We include our children whenever possible, and we encourage you to get your family involved in E3 as well. For those children not old enough to CrossFit, we offer childcare during our 9:30am classes M-F. In addition, we consider our members as family. You are not just a number; our coaches personally invest in each of our members. The community feel at E3 is immeasurable and we take pride in knowing that all of our members consider E3 their second home.


CrossFit was not originally intended for you. It was created for our nation’s first-responders including Emergency Medical Technicians, Police Officers, Firefighters and our soldiers. We ask that our members perform with integrity, in order to honor those for whom this program was originally intended. We trust that our members will count every rep and score themselves honestly. There is no honor in cheating, nor can one find joy in a victory that was not earned.


We are not a “watered-down” version of CrossFit. We strive to stay as true to the original CrossFit as possible. Our standards, our programming, our class structure and our scoring is as authentic as we can get. At E3, we warm up as a team, stretch as a team, and work out as a team. We stay until every athlete has finished the WOD and then stretch again as a team. We only program functional exercises, lifts and movements at our box. The movements you will do at E3 will mimic those you perform outside of the box.


At E3, we value words like “strong” and “lean” rather than “skinny.” Our goal is to promote strength and fitness and to create “go” muscles vs. “show” muscles. We find that many people begin CrossFit seeking a certain “look” but oftentimes, the aesthetic piece loses importance once our members begin to value their strength and endurance more than the way they look in the mirror. We believe that food is our medicine, and medicine is our food and that one can achieve elite fitness by working hard at the gym and eating whole, nutrient-dense food.